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Transform Your Property Into A Dream Home For Buyers!

Staging Will Increase The Value of Your Home by 76%

Prepare your home for sale with our expert designers at Home Staging by Disciplined Design in Metro Atlanta. Our professionals are skilled at transformation—new paint, landscaped garden, polished surfaces—and upgrading your home into a desirable property that looks amazing in photos.

We are a family-owned and -operated company that started in 2013, but have been in the industry as interior designers for more than 30 years. Our experience in home decorating makes us experts in enhancing the overall look and appearance of your home and making your property stand out from the rest. Contact us and schedule an appointment today.


After being laid off from an Executive Sales Position. Kimberly was lost on what she should do.  With only a small amount to fund her new venture she set off to start her own business, confident that with discipline, success will follow.

She explained her plan to her children, and they fully supported her goal. Despite lacking funds, they worked hard and put all their passion and creativity into their work. They knew that failure was always a possibility, but together success would be a greater one. 

What Makes Us Great

Our company started as a Home Staging firm, we now offer Interior Design, Interior Styling, and Home Renovation Consultation. 

 We believe in our family, our business and realize through adversity and sacrifice success will follow.

What sets our company apart from the rest is the fact we are all family members a mom and her kids. We have grown together and built this business together. We have been open to every opportunity that has come knowing it will only make us strong as a company, 

No client or space is the same and we understand this and work on building  a sound design and assisting our clients.

What we are most proud of is the fact we have grown so much from where we started. We are proud of the fact that as a group we can accomplish great things. We are fortunate we work on creating beautiful homes for great people and sharing in their dream and ours.

Mission Statement

"Without Discipline and Order Love will never Come"

We have built our business model using the knowledge we have gained through the 30 years combined experience. With hard work and determination, our business has prospered for more than 7 years.

As we grow, we started to offer more services such as Interior Design, Home Staging, and Renovation Consultation for Investment properties. All of this would not have been possible without Kimberly and her kids: Marissa, Monique, and Mckenzy.

Our Staging Services